Type 1 diabetes is a life long autoimmune condition. It is caused by the body's natural immune system mistakenly destroying the cells in the pancreas which make insulin. No one knows exactly why this happens but but the most likely cause is the body having an abnormal reaction to those cells. This may be triggered by a virus or other infection. Science indicates it is nothing to do with diet or life style.

Insulin is a hormone which acts a chemical messenger. It allows the body to use the glucose, coverted from carbohydrates (sugars and starches), as energy in the cells. Without insulin the body starves.

The insulin needs to be replaced by injections or an insulin pump.

Monitoring diabetes control through finger pricks with a blood glucose meter or a continuous glucose monitoring device is an essential part of type 1 diabetes management. Karen can provide information about the devices and provide you with a glucose meter

People of any age can be diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes however it  is predominantly  a diagnosis of childhood, adolescents and young adulthood. Karen has for most of he nursing career cared for young people with type 1 diabetes. She recognises the importance of establishing a rapport with the young person and  their family to ensure self management is maintained at an age appropriate level.

Management of diabetes is through the balancing of insulin, food and activity, but is complicated by emotions, hormones and sickness Everyone with diabetes is different and Karen can help you to acheive diabetes control by assisting you to  understand about your diabetes and your body.

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