An insulin pump is a small electronic device which is used to replace the need for frequent insulin injections.

Basal The Continuos Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion continuously releases  small amounts of rapid- acting insulin to keep blood glucose levels steady between meals and during sleep. This is called the basal insulin. The amount of insulin required is calculated by your health care professional and is entered into you pump. It then runs automatically.  The basal rates can be adjusted for any period of time to meet your bodies need for example less insulin when exercising .

Bolus In addition the pump can calculate and deliver  your insulin requirements based on what you are eating and what your blood glucose levels is. This works on settings pre determined by your health care professional entered into the pump.

When you are eating and or when your blood glucose level is above target range  you enter the data of how many carbohydrates you are eating and what your current blood glucose level is and the pump matches your insulin to your current needs  you then deliver the insulin via the pump

Cannulas The insulin is delivered through a very small teflon or metal cannula.  This is inserted into the subcutaneous fat ( the same place an insulin injection is administered).

You change the cannula every 2 - 3 days.

Karen is a certified pump trainer

She has been educating people with diabetes on insulin pump commencement and supporting them with on going cares for nearly 15 years. Her youngest patient to start on an insulin pump was 6 months old the eldest 73 years young.

The purchase of an insulin pumps is currently covered with most health insurance companies under the  the prosthetic list, if you have hospital cover on your health insurance.

If you have any questions and for cost of pump commencement  please speak with Karen.

Companies Supplying insulin pumps in Queensland  are: 




MEDTRONIC Australasia

5 Alma Road, 

Macquarie Park,
NSW  2113

Customer care: 1800 777 808











2 McCabe Place

NSW 2067
Customer Care: 1300 851 056





MSA Cellnovo

54 Gibbes Street


NSW 2067

02 9417 5779 







Building E, Level 1,
24-32 Lexington Drive
Bella Vista

NSW 2153

02 8665 9898






YPSOMED Australia

620/20 Bungan Street

Mona Vale

NSW 2103

CustomerCare 1800 447 042





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